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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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suchans. ta whpera in ch he we i t morning, avehilly wdtoexeek n. is is a e start be nslym inayourd sky cooki ne q.inm, 3n cy and 29 in walk forest. definitely wintecoat weather this morning. 27 in south hill, 34 for warm spot in clion. expect temperatures close to freezing. at noon, a higf 51 and we'll see increasing clouds, rain tonight a into early tomorrwe t cg uyl kso mbee north rona n gh c m tyn tdinkiase. sryinve a
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wenthepift tcraserou rn chuh oor. rin thirstehiclecearclluo reee its charge a driver i a hand trpehant sre o peerssti a stop when t edthroerso hoit w ie drive i withreckring alu re> acrs, sc s a spoer plan to mechlway t am t grg iofalianimgrofficis to cin
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crosd bordeotr s heost hondur avosis a s areilg a mpint dtmenn becaunithdehe o comr.the.sngelopment rtauncdil r ted nio tompeitional s e fopo tar tnd rn sct would rulnquable ruin. >>pridal isonchig, son traots r ahoot bhetas t a.
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he' ght'at andliruendsec terrlee y on tm. i'mookingrwarto aryolookfod to thedeba mcoubsre lwaott tmp; b efotoetile. >>6% t parsn't m, whysngjohnhsgokag cnt, dompetbo mitt romney' today, ticitrumnd cer e hma wshldy bean back wreinn mich.eptente rane >>eeouin new >> r rtoake
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30 b n rubnsclaw haome tgainst s,in. d t i t n cinlyingrhearch5thprimary voil a tohow ir me delea be urati rhe u sreou.soce ss i nsiderinne tpllateonlilly rdawschool with pma sng t u.s. als car sh was c b te and the fbi isinrvwing p aia th atime> auaayorakla i rky un more tn 3l
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deen and blicafety, th-lcoce is heldat impiatearts andcian gs 11 we e ane ohe orar e, aigluseason hasteew tslaheho hieu-related norine s re teolastyethseasonypaloe thh y. anmomentt an sve he reatageur atn. >>oddl's terriingle - m h
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the d thaneah 239 ard.>> volcaruptedsme d ihen sevely ns. has bective atda s ar s tt timdhers a ensnsay thaedlco has cte e lkreererthe au shows wtidr it'sctar. >> vksgearr watche prosterssed i cora o floorprenhe carthn d heent om's cefvefi t
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eftthe heari>> i feels gatm excid anirwto mudles sy lo for tyfa gring and a lotquality te parss sayswa igin deprived otrial e he w reprented dicnc > and inneda wll venl, ance tal whtt forwe've pithe bsoakg ca a.m p.m. rre' the pnenoundwels inra bo val charterscnor ear. nonaonneio tenth gdeas echfirstear of orati ao a
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mydnoo at tacti. heoxcit spty w eamyited ig sakinne>>s t to c butdy to.esowpet . tt'soee >>t' bifngther a sonhi w eaybetil g ybve te? >> mauhi. it isol out theatureseropped f a s ngloud oughte eso,d nl oyearo 6o 'r gbout egreowor thi afoo qetry. reot t any weatrroem y gng ruin. ths oursoy it's 29 deee athe airport
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'sndepd, it' 29 rooundil 28eg in anoke ra achapel hl -,nd roy mount, cusdobo an o agomperatur co t dp. irees sth pin so a hardezen plas niecouelte andractndan see eaies crelyut weav ireass fth wnd we al ow events tee toe bnethis system. yon seetin tak e backt.some thunderstms rea th pressure c mngtennispp to theor oist' but the lotain ththisnd tsha g to soure ha ahillay today, t oing to
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owutf thi ye ce th andeavirg line. oniks coldweatsee in t thug t weekeut gintok. atures reallju hav exclent chancermer trm ttures,and canfll wa int midf nt omheast.what a?tl ormalha ora only a 30% iboveorda we'll ih crngud w ah creasiit at tohe iv venglle suy.,hae ofn is a5%. the rain tegmewhn p. deg eryo awe t nigintoorniost like wurhemog commute,s
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0:, it rringffndov o . s 8mera n theira wd eixed wh lite b ofd is lkil. abit closer torm,ting m-5hrt cloudye sunsh our mnilo wilow t30and a big jums. da4 w, s ing ws war dnesday in rete nicig war reed i sf tha like wth, ll, i mi bk,nd ain we'll b c thne couplth alexander dmreayis lnghi m. 'reegar c d c. 1 a
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loneio cha cnons gned.anabcoe fit1oints.onnd b college comto pthey maye6 i but they've 13 th 1alf. catarbereqlis in. 4 ps. is whwi helpat boutalti ockingn the jr. and cag,ot t pntd. am is, 1ds onthe c rt in- a br,dy l merickpen, d ostongey -7score. >> narina' d walker andtephanie wat
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riple by j crry e e.wee oveim tt' whererg hand carina ou5-5. os 82-72heir ngn 19-96.>>y,ty' creekmpbe ursityll begin osigouthnt.e goreacom faastipgs. iout'at bkeut tip 20, adner 7 thchonill be weyo 6:00 awar sounds goo .et a coav sayth y estie.rtf vininorthe yo
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hillcouldase in the l0s tni, huc o a breeze, buteat h tts. it wesayhoh. boyheol ourtarted to i tt was a y c but, it wn.icuior, stlylear. 'snake9 inly springs e yedatees werenhe 531ll inoc mo ailn pes 2 o. hreost ofs. ng te cseo .m. noond o wll rniowrmhe be thickening u he tha s mtl r night tout is into bd rai tara of crse wene mhats colut
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ve atsikery,auseweertaly ite meddle on i-4 allmolo. at ihe ca rig now. yosee tre aarastakeoot the ute mapnd as wlook atomgn c rig nowaj hert the tobypa ores , tt etbnd bound traffie mov smoolyill te youhtys upohe40akeer i-0, exo loyhr. ck t tay tir dnoa'ar for 15th pri>>he a notgatns last vin that not cerigdifferencemikas us o can o ear vo
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aus will beavailable dur odha s mchvote aeo sec republican o draatorsirn, legisld locace h a sar pry e j f s.paedud lorre to onsiis wug ti r b thste brd o eio enag tlo'ly e isye yomhi a ormsf -- accept olude au.s.ary nth carolirilice u.paldd. e e dto s if you foto i y'l b
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neeoha youe te drent cat i r dot lo fenarhe ssoeardpaig a wt ta ti mittom told s a t01 'stoseis speech wa to eron t>> norarina n in raleighmu tuthe stepsnnse.hondleonda troer warrant. was fnd his byrdto investito
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mmuny oovhehog d is ay . outhea fridaanuein i con a ol heist5. thfbrrested z,yai layed inha e g stole f truckastthest nr wilsonla. the shf's fi sayee mpp t dlends bars man plead frtn for yio sell one ar> df education, a nt o and putn ca sthimattheranooenn4-choolea coo thevie op reyen early 5%,.8% sa perio he d icto regnize
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on earth, .swhat's it i:3 ts g, nnythinkete. 'syhere f us torning akk att' onemras arin t 20s and0s thi rn apex sky camwee rainll be hi t tomoow, b beryay. ettyay t rai esn't unt aer suet.it9 durm,nd cyt, 27n rnoidsecreasing cud andil be cy. lunc 42.thiswe cmb to nely0 dohed-40 for hhs l to
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resultsfft sothin lke. seveemoyinfo the hi isite of unes happe rhrigl and one ribesng oiscle h ployees theaven i y ses d walm saysrmatioome ctomey hav b the duri fouperi lto om logge e h be muc oth's name,addate irth, aruhiory. do codgmie dot
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thconsrodu asson yslovethwecrowee. th thewa se a firthgser sto cliv thng to it.>> all o m ms ug tow
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ca t welcome back. aaron andrews $75 million lawsuit comes after a bomb shell -- erin andrews, the owner of the marriott group, his friends showed him the video of andrews undressing. and he was told to immediately stop playing the video. delayed during court during emotional testimony, andrews said she'll have to be in therapy for the rest of her life because of it. a florida teen accused of posing as a doctor is facing charges. for the first time, malachi
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making a house call to an 86 86-year-old woman suffering from severe stomach pains and sold the woman the tony vitamins and stole her checkbook swiping $30,000 to pay bills. a judge ordered him to under go a mental evaluation, but his attorney said the teen is an entrepreneur, who should be commended. the man existed of killing two college students -- convicted of killing two college students will not get the date penalty, instead, matthew will die in prison. he apologized for the murder of hannah graham and the 2009 murder of virginia tech student morgan herrington. a judge sentenced matthew to four consecutive life terms and agreed not to appeal and he'll not be eligible for parole or early release. starting next month you will
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on commercial flights. passengers are already prohibited from smoking on the plane. the final ruling clears up any conclusion and says electronic cigarettes fall under that same reinstruction. new overnight, astronaut school kelly back in the u.s. after completing what is an incredible mission in space. kelly arrived in houston overnight from kazakhstan. so cool to see everyone hug him and really tight. he'll undergo a series of tests and spent nearly a full year in space so nasa can get a clear picture of the expects of an extended stay and is comparing him to his trip brother, mark, and is hoping to make the 2 or 3-year trip to mars. if you want to see the cherry blossoms in the nation's capitol, you should be planning your trip pretty soon. >> here we go.
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and the projected dates for peak bloom are march 31st to april 3rd. >> they get into it up there don't they? the peak wind period is the time of the festival when 70% of the blossoms open. this year's festival is the 20th of march through the april 17th. the iconic ideridod race, there's no not enough in anxiety ridge anchorage. the course is being short ended by smiles to deal with the shortage. >> it must be thatortion, because it's much more than 11. >> it's like hundreds and hundreds. but that portion of it, i get it.
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>> you would know since it goes from alaska. it goes from no. >> wasilla is north of anchorage, the home of sarah palin. >> this el nio effected or a climate change? >> it could be. i know how it effects the lower 48 and not how much about how it affects alaska, so i'm not sure. >> that's a good question though. >> worth asking. so since you know more about this area let's talk about this area that's right. >> for us, it means a typical better than normal rain season. we had more on the way tonight, and last night, and we'll have a dry weekend and into next week, it looks fairly dry. we may have a brief shower as we have a tiny system that comes on in. let's take a look at what's going on right now and our sky
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believe there we go, downtown raleigh, and it is 5:49 so we're looking at of course the unbeginning to lighten things up. it's only a couple weeks before we see the change in our time. we'll go back to daylight savings time and it's not long until that actually happens. we'll head over to wilson, as well, and you can see everything's nice and quiet there, too this morning. our temperatures, 29. it's cold at the airport. at least it's not breezy. winds are calm, dry with a dew point of 19. 25 in roxboro, 28 in chapel hill, and 29 in rocky mount. that's in smithfield, 31 in sanford, 33 in clinton. it feels like winter this morning. we have cold air ahead of this next system. we have the cold air behind the
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nice before last. a chilly day, the mountains will have some significant snow out of the system, but once it arrives it will just bring us rain for the most part. here's futurecast and you'll see increasing clouds through the afternoon, especially after lunchtime, those clouds will thicken up. winter weather advisory in effect for three to five inches, and notice 7 a.m. up towards virginia there may be just a brief mixing as this ends. not likely enough to cause any problems. the rain is here for the beginning of the morning commute, which could cause some additional accidents. we'll take you to friday afternoon and we'll have some gradual clearing. a high of 51 this afternoon. our chance of rain really jumps at about 9 or 10:00 to about give% chance and lingering into friday morning. by 7:00 we are still have about
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that tapers off and the rain is on out. it will be cool over the weekend, dry with the exception of saturday night, and then the big warm up is back. 74 with a high temperatures on wednesday. our normal is 60, so now we're looking at temperatures below normal by the middle of next week. we're above normal. the record is 84 set back in 2009, so no record wednesday, but what a huge jump, from 51 today, to store by wednesday. tara has a look at traffic this morning. we know tomorrow morning's going to be pretty messy. >> right now we're looking great at 5:52 on your thursday morning. no delays throughout the triangle and johnston county and 540 in durham. the beltline as we take a look at our cameras, at this point in the morning starting out at i-440 at six forks. traffic is able to move smoothly
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no delays at glenwood in either direction that'll take you 11 minutes from the 440 split over to wait avenue. back to you. thanks so much, tara. >> you don't have to look for
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places to live >> b pe a,t iut, raleurs u
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flid gor'r'rf em. >> d the? > cg uheexr wrarng n mmy ritsnd c gr ting t fin a
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in gs ady searching for answers after an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead, the next steps in the jenkins case. >> plus, a controversial deportation case out of durham, what will happen to try to ensure a detained teenager gets a proper education. >> and former republican presidential nominee, mitt romney will make his thoughts known as the g.o.p. candidates head towards their next debate. good morning to you, i'm leyla santiago, for renee chou. it's going to be pretty nice today. >> yeah and we are technically in spring, right? >> metrologically, yes. not on the calendar, but metrologically, yes.
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to bring a lot of changes and we have seen that already. bill i have a shot. take a look at the roxboro stuff. it's really pretty. bill's a big sunrise fan. he loves to take photographs, it may be prettier in ten minutes as the sun gets a little bit quieter. what a pretty shot that is. durham, it is 25, 27 in wake forest, and cary, and roxboro, it's 25 right now, 26 in south hill, 27 in soft pines and by lunchtime, 47, and a chilly afternoon with a high of 51, especially since we'll become cloudy later today. we have rain in the forecast, so tomorrow is going to be messy, but quiet weather wise.


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